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About UsA Web Design is more than just choosing the right colors and selecting the right pictures. Here at Jingged, we are all about creating high conversion websites. High conversion websites mean that every time someone lands on your website, you want it to be as effective as possible to get as high percentage as possible for a conversion into a phone call, sale, etc. To do such, it requires a true marketing mind frame and not just being a graphic designer. We offer best of all worlds; Amazing graphics, clean layout and effective marketing by making sure your website has a call to action and is user engaged.

We truly have a passion for helping out people with their online business. This is why we really get to know our clients business to find the right fit at the right price that would benefit the client. It all starts with a high conversion websites. Once you have a website, you will need to market it by doing SEO, blogs, video marketing, etc.. Our websites are designed to cater to all those needs.



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