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Landing Page Design

If you need a Landing Page Design which is mainly used for PPC campaigns or a one page sales page with custom graphics, Jingged is your place for Landing Page Design. We truly gear our Landing page Design with all the marketing tools and psychology of marketing from having “Call to Action” to “Excitement, Curiosity, Scarcity”, and anything that is related to your business as we are your premium Landing Page Design go to company.

Heavens Carpet Cleaning Landing Page

Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning

This business owner was spending a lot of $ on his PPC Campaign. Before joining Jingged, his old PPC campaign was landing on the home-page of his old website and prooved to be ineffective. We offered a cheap but effective solution for his PPC Campaign which was building a landing page that has all the strategic marketing components. His conversion rates sky rocketed. View it in Live Mode HERE

Your Tax Shop Landing Page

Your Tax Shop

As we all know, the tax season is heavy from January until April. This is prime time business for tax preparers. We created this landing page to throw on a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign specifically for the busy season only. So if you need extra juice and want to dominate the internet all around, landing pages are great for a secondary market.

California Insurance Discounters Landing Page

California Insurance Discounters

This is actually more of a mini-website than landing page. Reason being is that you have 3 forms for each section instead of 1. However, all the aspect about this is a in a landing page format which is designed to convert visitors into leads on this 1 page design. This was also customized according to the business model. View it in Live Mode HERE

Olivieri Painting Landing Page

Olivieri Painting

Another exquisite custom landing page. This landing page was fun to design as we got to splash some colors around for the paint effect. We aim to make our design informative according to marketing strategies as well as making it fun and inviting. View it in Live Mode HERE

firebrand Landing Page


This landing page was designed for a company that is offering Facebook applications and timeline banner design. This landing page converted amazingly with a high yielding return on investment. View it in Live Mode HERE



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