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It is the 5th revision since 1990. It enables to add new effects and movement to text and images.


CSS3 has been recently introduced and along with HTML5, websites load up much faster than before.


Jquery is a Javascript library that enables email validation, slider movement, and other cool stuff.


Flash is no longer supported with smart phones. We came up with a solution to make your site 100% compatible.


Having a state of the art website is just the first step. We also offer SEO solutions.


W3C stands for “World Wide Web Consortium”. It sets the guidelines on how a website should be written.


Web Design Los Angeles

The element that sets Jingged apart from other web design companies is all about offering high converting web designs. Based in Los Angeles, we are a full web development company that offers websites in ALL available programming languages, such as PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, HTML, and WordPress. Driving traffic to your website is half the battle as everyone seems to be concerned about getting to the first page of Google ast hey should be. However, once someone does find you and lands on your webpage, having a high converting and effective web design will set the difference in whether you get the lead or not. At Jingged, we design next level websites to increase and maximize your conversion potential.



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